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Sneak Peek Sunday July 29

By Bruce Hess in Wildwood Community Church 5 months ago | 537 views Link:

Sneak Peek Sunday July 29


Hello Wildwood Family!

Welcome to September!  What!!

Well, by God’s grace the weather we are currently experiencing is September-like weather. OKC only has had two days this summer where the high temperature was over 100:  105 and 109 on July 19 & 20.  What will August hold?  Only the Sovereign King knows, but it looks like August will be coming in like a lamb…only four days in July left!

I say all that because August is on the horizon and August is a big month for transitions at Wildwood. There are children’s ceremonies and promotions, along with student ministry transitions coming soon…you’ll need to keep an eye on the bulletin for the details.

Also, a week from Sunday (August 5) will be a modified all in Sunday as we celebrate the baptisms of some 20 folks!  Modified means only our nursery and pre-K classes will be functioning so everyone else can witness the baptism testimonies.  We will be starting August off with a bang. 

This Sunday I will be closing out the I Am series, Unpacking Who Jesus Really Is (although we will do a part 2 with three additional messages in October).  This Sunday we will be mining Jesus’ declaration that He is The Resurrection and the Life.  We will focus on John 11:25-26, but I encourage you to read all of chapter 11 before Sunday.  Great truth again!

See you Sunday!


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