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Sneak Peek Sunday May 6

By Bruce Hess in Wildwood Community Church 9 months ago | 312 views Link:

Sneak Peek Sunday May 6


Hello Wildwood Family!

 Hope everyone dodged the storm damage this week.  There was evidence of an EF-1 just north and east of the church facility at 24th NE and Tecumseh, along with 36th NE and Tecumseh.  Many people commented on the strange sound the Norman sirens seemed to make this time.  I hear it was just a technical thing as the computerized system called for a different tone than normal.  The city has said that won’t happen again, so back to the normal warning sirens for next time.  Doesn’t that just make you feel warm all over?   ;-)

 Friday we had a different experience in the offices as Herschel and Lindsey brought in sandwiches, Wookie cookies and Yoda soda to celebrate Star Wars May 4th—"May the fourth be with you.”  First Wookie cookie for me.  Not bad, not bad at all!!

 Lots of great things in the weeks ahead at Wildwood:  Financial Peace University, VBS prep, a men’s summer bible study, volunteer opportunities with children’s ministry.  Check the bulletin Sunday for more information.

 The message this week from Matthew 12 deals with some of the most misinterpreted and misapplied verses in the New Testament.  Many people get troubled and fearful that they may have committed what is commonly described as “the unpardonable sin.”  The particular concerning verses are found in Matthew 12:31-32.  Should I be worried?  Should you?

Well, we will delve deeply into Mathew 12:22-32 on Sunday.  The exciting part is that there is some really good news in this portion of Scripture.  Can you spot it?

 Have a great weekend!

See you Sunday!


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