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Sneak Peek Sunday July 8

By Bruce Hess in Wildwood Community Church 7 months ago | 245 views Link:

Sneak Peek Sunday July 8

 Hello Wildwood Family!

 We truly live in a privileged country.  Privileged with great freedom (hard earned by a large contingent of men and women who have fought for our nation) and privileged with prosperity.  We are among the most blessed people in the world.  I hope you took some moments that past July 4th to express your gratitude to our Heavenly Father.  Plus, we must remember that with privilege comes responsibility.  May we be faithful with God’s great blessings!!

Man, this past week, with the high temps and high humidity, made me feel like I’m residing somewhere in the deeper south.  Sure am thankful for the one who invented air conditioning.  By the way, it was Willis Carrier who hailed, from all places, Buffalo, New York. Who’d a thunk it?

 At Wildwood a big event is unfolding soon—Pine Cove Camp in the City. This is a day camp hosted at Wildwood by teams of counselors from Pine Cove.  It is for rising 1st to 6th graders.  I wanted to give you a heads up since the registration deadline is July 10, next Tuesday.  Don’t miss it.

 I am excited to be launching a new 4-part series this Sunday entitled, I AM, unpacking who Jesus really is.  We will be examining and mining 4 of the I AM statements of Jesus.  This week will be “I am the Bread of Life” from John 6.  We will also be delving into Exodus chapter three and reviewing Solomon’s grand experiment on the meaning of life.

Lots more happening at Wildwood.  Be sure to check the bulletin for more info.

 Hope to see you Sunday!!


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