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Starting Point is THIS Sunday

By Lindsey Henley in Wildwood Community Church 3 months ago | 777 views Link:

Are you new to Wildwood?

Do you want to get involved in serving?

Are you looking to connect with others?

Do you simply want to know more about Wildwood?

Starting Point is the first step to take. Within the 4-week class, we will explore the key truths of the Christian faith and unpack the mission and vision of Wildwood.

Next Starting Point begins THIS SUNDAY, October 21, at 9:45 am, in Room 4.


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Lakissia Sims

When will your next Starting Point begin since i was a guest for the first time last Sunday.

Lindsey Henley


Thanks for joining us yesterday. You can jump into this month’s Starting Point class. If you email he will forward you the notes and audio for yesterday’s class. We’ll see you Sunday.

Lakissia Sims

I would like to attend your next starting point after this 4 week class if i can do that.

Lindsey Henley

Yes, you sure can. That class starts in February. Happy Friday!

Wildwood Community Church

We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you and your family as together we move forward in Connecting People to Christ: His Worship, His Community, His Mission.

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