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Questions for Reflection July 8

By Bruce Hess in Wildwood Community Church 4 months ago | 920 views Link:

Questions for Reflection

Sunday July 8th


The Bread of Life

John 6


1. Bruce made the statement, As humans we often look everywhere but God for answers to life.  Why is that?

 2. Which substitutes for fulfillment apart from Christ do you tend to be most tempted by? 

              Pleasure-Achievement-Possessions-Sexual Pleasure-Fame/Notoriety

                                 [none are necessarily wrong in the right context]


3. When are you most vulnerable to pursuing that, rather than seeking fulfillment in Christ?


4. Why is it that so few people know about Solomon and his grand life experiment?  How can that change?


5. We can so easily be like those among the crowd that followed Jesus.  We experience a miracle one day, and we find ourselves seeking another the very next day.  How can we guard against such a tendency?


6. What are some things you are currently asking for from God?


7. Read John 6:35 out loud again. Express gratitude to Jesus that He is the Bread of Life, delivering true fulfillment, satisfying our deepest needs and desires. He won’t let us down.


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Marc Bonge

Excellent questions

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