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By Brooke Harrison in Wildwood Community Church 3 months ago | 143 views Link:

Hello Wildwood Families!

Wildwood’s Children’s Ministry is for children following Jesus together to the glory of God. We cannot thank you enough for our partnership with you & for the many opportunities you give us with your kids. This Sunday begins a new unit of our curriculum that we use to help guide our teaching on Sunday mornings. Over the next several weeks, kids will learn that God was still working out His plan to send Jesus into the world to rescue us from sin. Since the beginning, God wanted to bless and provide for His people. God’s plan to save people through Jesus began to take shape when God chose to bless Abraham’s family by grace. He made a covenant with Abraham and promised him a new home and a large family. God also promised Abraham that one day all the people of the world would be blessed through his family-a promise that points to Jesus.

While we will spend the majority of our time this coming year in the Old Testament, each lesson that we teach your kids includes a “Christ Connection.” Our goal is to help your kids see the bigger story – that the Bible is not a collection of stories, but God’s unified story of redemption. Each lesson presented to your kids includes a “Big Picture Question & Answer” which are designed to help children understand essential theological doctrines of the Christian faith.

Attached to this email are two documents that you are welcome to use as you lead your children at home in their faith journeys. The first document outlines the teaching for the next four weeks. The second document includes a list of the foundational theological truths that are woven throughout our lessons. Please feel free to visit our Parent Resource Center to pick up additional resources that correspond with our teaching on Sundays.

Here is a brief overview of the teaching for the next four Sundays:
Nov 4th – God’s Covenant with Abraham (Genesis 12, 15, 17)
Nov 11th – Abraham & Isaac (Genesis 22)
Nov 18th – Isaac & Rebekah (Genesis 24)
Nov 25th – God’s Promise to Isaac (Genesis 25 & 26)

We are also excited to let you know that we will be introducing your children to new missionaries throughout this year. On Sunday, your kids will be introduced to DJ, who is a missionary in Canada. God is using DJ’s family to share the gospel with South Asians in Canada.

We look forward to seeing your family this Sunday!
Brooke Harrison
Director of Children’s Ministry
Wildwood Community Church

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