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Questions for Reflection Oct 7th

By Bruce Hess in Wildwood Community Church 2 months ago | 370 views Link:

Questions for Reflection

Sunday October 7th

I am the Door of the sheep

1. Have you ever encountered an unusual or truly memorable door?  When, where and why?


2. Have you entered the door of eternal life?

    If you have, share some about when and the events surrounding it.


    If you haven’t, what is holding you back from experiencing forgiveness and a new destiny

    in heaven?


3. Matthew 25:46 clearly indicates only two eternal destinies. How should this impact us as we think of those with whom we work, go to school, and live near?


4. With Jesus as the Door of the sheep we are under the watchful eye of the shepherd at all times.  Why do we struggle with believing that when we are in the midst of difficulty?

What’s the solution?


5. When Jesus speaks of abundant life in John 10:10, what does that really mean?


6.  How can assurance of our security in Christ make a practical difference in how we go about living our lives?


7.  Take some time to praise Jesus for being the Shepherd and Guardian of your soul (1 Peter 2:25)


pdf is attached 

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