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Sing in the Christmas Eve Choir!

By Mark Robinson in Wildwood Community Church about 1 month ago | 153 views Link:

Dear Wildwood,

This December 24, Wildwood is blessed to be able to host three different Christmas Eve Worship Services.  The services will be at 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 8:00 PM.  To help support leading worship on these evenings, we are looking to build three choirs who will be on stage with the worship team and help lead the singing (not on mic, but with the crew) on that night.  Someone would only need to commit to one of the 3 services in order to participate.  Anyone (Man or woman) fourth grade or above is welcome to sign up to participate.  

Participation will require attendance at one practice before December 24.  

To sign-up, please visit our signup page and let us know you are interested. Thanks for helping us worship this Christmas Season!

In Christ,

Pastor Mark

Sign-up for one of the choirs online here -

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