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Outreach Fair - January 27

By Lisa Goering in Wildwood Community Church 9 days ago | 71 views Link:

Coming Sunday, January 27…

From writing letters to soup kitchens, mentoring to buying gifts, riding bikes to reaching out to a family, the outreach team has a place for you and the skills God has given you.  Loving our neighbor comes in many different forms, walk by our volunteer tables and find a way to get plugged in today!  There are one-time events, monthly opportunities and leadership positions available in many different areas.                          

Also, check out the Hi Neighbor! Block Party area.  Remember back in September when we launched our new mission statement?  We are for the community!  Hi Neighbor! Block Parties is a new way for every person at Wildwood to reach out to their neighbors, friends or co-workers by hosting a block party.  More information and sign up dates will be available in the gathering hall on January 27.

To receive more information about Outreach Opportunities, join our text group by texting OUTREACH18 to 95577.  To find out more about block parties, text BLOCKPARTY to 95577 or contact

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