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Used baseball gloves for VBS!

By Eileen Winfrey in Wildwood Community Church about 1 month ago | 428 views Link:

Hello Wildwood!

Our VBS application team (Live It!) is in need of 10 baseball gloves (they can be any size!) for VBS week. If you have an extra glove you could part with for a while, please leave it at either children’s welcome desk or in the church office. Please mark it with your name so we can make sure it gets back to you!

VBS runs from June 5th through 8th from 9am to 12noon. To sign up to volunteer, or to register your kids, please visit wildwood

Thank you! 

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Mary Anderson

Eileen!  I have 2!

Eileen Winfrey

Thank you Mary!!

Menay Sullivan

I have at least two.

Eileen Winfrey

Thank you Menay!

Seth Thomas

Let me know how many more you need ;)

Eileen Winfrey

Hi Seth!

We still need 6 gloves if you have any to loan! Thank you!

Eileen Winfrey

Hi Everyone!

We still need 6 baseball gloves! Any size!

Eileen Winfrey

Hello everyone! We are still in need of four baseball gloves for VBS! If you can loan us one, please drop it off at either Children’s Welcome Desk!

Thank you!

Bethany Randel

I have 1 you can borrow! I’ll be back in Norman June 2 if that isn’t too late!

Becca Vermelis

We have 1 I will get to you.

Eileen Winfrey

Thank you Bethany and Becca! That will be very helpful!

Diane Nutt

I can bring you the rest! How many more do you need?

Eileen Winfrey

Hi Diane! If you could bring two that would be amazing!

Thanks so much!

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